April 2022 Award Recipients!!!

Congrats to our Husky Award recipients for the month of April 2022!!!

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ELKS Third Grade Student of the Month for April:

Victoria D.

Congratulations !!!

Congratulations to the following students for earning Student of the Month:

***To earn student of the month in their classroom students must meet the following criteria:

  • Displays Character/Virtue Trait of the month
  • Attendance better than 95% for the month
  • Displays exemplary work and effort
  • Displays exemplary judgement
  • Displays exemplary leadership

Third Grade

Mrs. Goteiner’s Class:

Spencer D.

“Spencer has really been working hard this school year and displays grit on a daily basis. When things become a challenge for her she is sure to ask questions and works hard to make sure she understands it. You should be very proud of yourself, Spencer. Keep up the amazing work!” – Mrs. Goteiner

Mrs. Melick’s Class:

Victoria D.

“Victoria is a really hard worker and puts forth excellent effort. She has made such great progress in math because she practices so much and never gives up. Victoria has a lot of positive energy and perseveres through challenges. Keep up the outstanding effort, Victoria! We are so proud of you.” – Mrs. Melick

Second Grade

Mrs. Bohmer’s Class:

Adriana J.

“Adriana shows Grit daily in everything she does. She has shown determination,persistence and hard work. She never gives up and always works to make her work better. Ms.Possessky is proud of all her hard work this school year!” – Mrs. Bohmer

Ms. Cerebe’s Class:

Kylie G.

“Kylie has demonstrated great perseverance throughout the month of April! Whether it is during an academic lesson in the classroom, trying something new, attempting to solve a problem during a math challenge, or any other tricky task Kylie NEVER says “I can’t”. With a heart full of determination, she simply continues pushing herself to try and try again until she conquers whatever challenge she is facing. Great job Kylie! I am so proud of you!” – Ms. Cerebe

First Grade

Mrs. Blarr’s Class:

Noah D.

“Noah joined our class later in the year. He has transitioned into our daily routines and activities effortlessly. Noah has been a wonderful addition and his peers enjoy having him in our class. Because of Noah’s ability to transition so well I have made him our class’s student of the month for April…Congratulations Noah!” – Mrs. Blarr

Mrs. Carasso’s Class:

Liam T.

“Liam is an excellent student! He has been working hard in the classroom! Liam loves a challenge, and doesn’t give up when things get tricky, instead he thinks: “How can I solve this?” Mrs. Carasso is so proud of Liam, and all of the effort he puts toward his learning!” – Mrs. Carasso


Mrs. Ianiero’s Class:

Nakul M.

“Nakul was chosen to receive the award for Grit this month. Nakul is polite and uses his manner words with his teachers and friends. He loves to share with his friends and includes them during playtime. Nakul is a hard worker who always completes his work. I’m very proud of Nakul!” – Mrs. Ianiero

Mrs. Lewis’ Class:

Lexi O.

“Lexi is doing an amazing job in our classroom. She is a student that works hard and never gives up. Lexi has shown outstanding progress with her reading and should be so proud of all her achievements! Not only is Lexi a hard worker but she is also always willing to lend a hand to a friend in need. I am so proud of Lexi!” – Mrs. Lewis

Mrs. Beauregard’s Class:

Troy B.

“Troy has made so much progress over the past month. He has really excelled in his academics and has been such a kind friend to others. Great job Troy!!!” – Mrs. Beauregard

——————————————————————————Congratulations to our Husky All-Stars:

*** To earn Husky All-Star the criteria is:

  • Displays Character/Virtue Trait of the month
  • Attendance better than 90%  for the month
  • Highly motivated to learn
  • Displays exemplary work and effort
  • Displays exceptional judgement

Third Grade:  Teddy J. / Daniela S.

Second Grade:  Evans K. / Jacob L. / Joey L.

First Grade: Christina M. / Aniyah V. / Sandra U.

Kindergarten:  George O. / Chase B. / Isabella R.

Preschool: Diego D. / Mattias B. / Riley C. / Dante F. / Noel H. / Akiane Y.

Please make sure you stay connected and follow our school journey:

Twitter: @Hwood_Pride   

Instragram: Hwood_Pride


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