May 2022 Award Recipients!!!

Congrats to our Husky Award recipients for the month of May 2022!!!

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ELKS Third Grade Student of the Month for May:

Robbie R.

Congratulations !!!

Congratulations to the following students for earning Student of the Month:

***To earn student of the month in their classroom students must meet the following criteria:

  • Displays Character/Virtue Trait of the month
  • Attendance better than 95% for the month
  • Displays exemplary work and effort
  • Displays exemplary judgement
  • Displays exemplary leadership

Third Grade

Mrs. Goteiner’s Class:

Aiden N.

“Aiden is a student who shows fairness on a daily basis. He always tries to include all of his classmates and doesn’t ever want anyone to feel left out. He always speaks kindly to his classmates and helps them when they need it. Awesome job Aiden!” – Mrs. Goteiner

Mrs. Melick’s Class:

Robbie R.

“Robbie is a great classmate and friend to everyone in our class. He is open to working with anyone and everyone as he is very accepting and cooperative. Robbie is kind, caring, and works well with others. Keep up the outstanding job, Robbie! We are so proud of you.” – Mrs. Melick

Second Grade

Mrs. Bohmer’s Class:

Courtney E.

“Courtney is a great role model in our classroom for diversity. She is always up for a challenge and to try something new. She also works wells with others and is very flexible when working with groups and partners. She shows respect and empathy to her classmates in a variety of situations. Ms.Possessky is very proud of you!” – Mrs. Bohmer

Ms. Cerebe’s Class:

Christopher G.

“Christopher has made so much progress this year. He puts in great effort even when something is challenging. Chris is accepting of all his fellow classmates. He enjoys sharing his creative artistic side and listening to everyone’s special qualities. Great job!” – Ms. Cerebe

First Grade

Mrs. Blarr’s Class:

Adriana M.

“Adriana is a leader in our classroom. She is accepting of all her peers and always tries to lend a helping hand whenever given the opportunity. She’s kind, considerate and patient with her friends and understands that everyone is different and learns in their own way. Congratulations to Adriana for being our class’s Student of the Month for May!” – Mrs. Blarr

Mrs. Carasso’s Class:

Lea A.

“Lea is a kind and caring friend to all. She is excited and eager to meet and make new friends, and always includes others when out on the playground. Lea appreciates differences in her friends and respects others for what makes them unique. I am very proud of Lea and the wonderful student she is!” – Mrs. Carasso


Mrs. Ianiero’s Class:

Connor E.

“Connor was chosen for this award because he is respectful. Connor includes all of our friends in our classroom during recess time and during structured play. Connor also likes to share with his friends too. Good job Connor!” – Mrs. Ianiero

Mrs. Lewis’ Class:

Isabella V.

“Bella has made wonderful progress over the course of this school year. She is a great friend that includes all of her peers and is empathetic towards others. She is the first student that offers to help and checks in on friends in need. Bella has matured so much this year, I am so proud of Bella’s growth!” – Mrs. Lewis

Mrs. Gambino’s Class:

Diego C.

“Diego has been working extremely hard this month. His determination and effort has been paying off, and it shows in his work. Diego is a positive role model for others, and he is a kind friend to many and he tries to include others. Keep making good choices! Mrs. Gambino is so proud of you!” – Mrs. Beauregard

——————————————————————————Congratulations to our Husky All-Stars:

*** To earn Husky All-Star the criteria is:

  • Displays Character/Virtue Trait of the month
  • Attendance better than 90%  for the month
  • Highly motivated to learn
  • Displays exemplary work and effort
  • Displays exceptional judgement

Third Grade:  Kaitlyn M. / Elena S. / Andrew D. / Lorna R.

Second Grade:  Kaylin G. / Joseph R.

First Grade: Emely R. / Abigail C.

Kindergarten:  Max G. / Chase L. / Brittany S.

Preschool: Hannah L. / Hailey B. / Dylan M. / Valerie M.

Please make sure you stay connected and follow our school journey:

Twitter: @Hwood_Pride   

Instragram: Hwood_Pride


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