September 2022 Award Recipients

Congrats to our Husky Award recipients for the month of September 2022!!!

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ELKS Third Grade Student of the Month for September:

Wulf H.

Congratulations !!!

Congratulations to the following students for earning Student of the Month:

***To earn student of the month in their classroom students must meet the following criteria:

  • Displays Character/Virtue Trait of the month
  • Attendance better than 95% for the month
  • Displays exemplary work and effort
  • Displays exemplary judgement
  • Displays exemplary leadership

Third Grade

Mrs. Goteiner’s Class:

Christopher W.

“Christopher is a student who displays the character trait of empathy daily. He is always making sure everyone is included. He is kind and respectful to his classmates and teachers. I am so proud of you Christopher. Keep up the kindness!” – Mrs. Goteiner

Mrs. Melick’s Class:

Jamison R.

“Jamie is off to a wonderful start in third grade. He is often helping others and showing empathy towards his classmates. Jamie helps his friends around the classroom and is polite to everyone. Almost every day I see Jamie helping a friend that might be a little bit behind or need help with packing up. I know that Jamie will continue to keep up the outstanding effort and kindness. Awesome job, Jamie! We are so proud of you.” – Mrs. Melick

Mrs. Gambino’s Class:

Wulf H.

I am so happy to be awarding Wulf the first Student of the Month award for this school-year! He displays this month’s character trait- “Empathy” often, as he is always kind, and makes himself available to listen and help his peers and teachers. Wulf has been working very hard at being the best Husky he can be, and it shows! I am so proud of you, Wulf! Keep up the great work!

Second Grade

Mrs. Bohmer’s Class:

Lea A.

“This month, Lea has shown empathy in so many ways! She is always a friend that is looking out for others in a helpful way. If someone is sad or upset, Lea is there to comfort them and make them feel better. Mrs.B is so proud of her so far this school year!” – Mrs. Bohmer

Ms. Cerebe’s Class:

Dimitry N.

“Dimitry has had an excellent start to 2nd grade. He is kind, respectful and responsible. Dimitry is very aware of other people’s feelings and shows empathy to all. When another peer or classmate needs him, Dimitry is always there and supportive. He has been a great role model for empathy.” – Ms. Cerebe

First Grade

Mrs. Blarr’s Class:

Isabella V.

“Bella was chosen for our class’s student of the month because she loves to be kind and considerate of her friends and teachers. She always congratulates a friend when they have done well and is happy when her friends are happy. When someone is feeling sad, Bella tries her best to make them feel happy again. Congratulations to Bella..I am so proud of you!” – Mrs. Blarr

Mrs. Carasso’s Class:

Austin D.

“Austin is a wonderful student. He is an excellent listener, a hard worker, and a kind and caring friend. I can count on Austin to make good choices, and to help and encourage others! Mrs. Carasso is so very proud of you, Austin!” – Mrs. Carasso


Mrs. Ianiero’s Class:

Yendry M.

“Yendry was chosen to receive the award for empathy because I saw and heard her being a good friend. She saw that another friend was a little sad because they missed their mom so Yendry sat near them and was telling them how she missed her mom too but will see her after school. Then she asked them to play with her outside. I’m so proud of Yendry for being a good friend!” – Mrs. Ianiero

Mrs. Lewis’ Class:

Leslie O.

“Leslie is a caring student that has already shows an understanding of others. She is a wonderful helper and enjoys assisting her teacher and friends. Leslie takes pride in all her work and comes into school each day with a positive attitude. I am so impressed with Leslie and look forward to watching her grow this year!” – Mrs. Lewis

Ms. Slobodien’s Class:

Aden D.

“His smile and attitude are infectious, he really helps motivate the class to be excited about learning.” – Ms. Slobodien


Mrs. Wolsten’s AM Class:

Andrew H.

“Andrew is always very sweet and kind. He enjoys learning and playing with his peers.” – Mrs. Wolsten

Mrs. Wolsten’s PM Class:

Hannah L.

“Hannah is a great friend! She is a great listener and plays well with her peers!” – Mrs. Wolsten

Ms. Avallone’s Class:

Sincere J.

“Sincere is an energetic student who is the first to greet you with a smile and hug. If he sees a child upset in the classroom he will go over and ask them what is wrong. Sincere will always cheer on his friends with a clap and “good job” when he sees them being successful!” – Ms. Avallone

All in 4Hwood Award

Ms. Nancy Sienkiewicz

Ms. Sienkiewicz is a true team player! She has work as a Kelly Substitute and has assisted our school for the last three years. This year she joined our team as a Teacher Assistant! We are so lucky to have her!

Congratulations to our Husky All-Stars:

*** To earn Husky All-Star the criteria is:

  • Displays Character/Virtue Trait of the month
  • Attendance better than 90%  for the month
  • Highly motivated to learn
  • Displays exemplary work and effort
  • Displays exceptional judgement

Third Grade:  Sofia C. / Leandro F. / Joey R.

Second Grade:  Ben R. / Alison C.

First Grade: Bella C. / Chase L. / Adam A.

Kindergarten:  Sophia D. / Olivia P.

Preschool: Robinson R. / Sophia E.

Please make sure you stay connected and follow our school journey:

Twitter: @Hwood_Pride   

Instragram: Hwood_Pride


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