March 2022 Award Recipients

Congrats to our Husky Award recipients for the month of March 2022!!!

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ELKS Third Grade Student of the Month for March:

Ryan K.

Congratulations !!!

Congratulations to the following students for earning Student of the Month:

***To earn student of the month in their classroom students must meet the following criteria:

  • Displays Character/Virtue Trait of the month
  • Attendance better than 95% for the month
  • Displays exemplary work and effort
  • Displays exemplary judgement
  • Displays exemplary leadership

Third Grade

Mrs. Goteiner’s Class:

Brielle O.

“Brielle can always be counted on to put in her best effort. She is persistent when things are challenging and always asks great questions to help her figure things out. I am very proud of her hard work this past month. Keep on working hard, Brielle!” – Mrs. Goteiner

Mrs. Melick’s Class:

Ryan K.

“Ryan has demonstrated the character trait of grit this year in third grade. He never gives up, even when things become challenging. Ryan has been showing steady progress throughout the school year. He is a good buddy to work with. Keep up the outstanding effort, Ryan. We are so proud of you!” – Mrs. Melick

Second Grade

Mrs. Bohmer’s Class:

Landon G.

“Landon is a great role model in our classroom for the character trait Grit. No matter what subject area we are working in, he always puts in his best effort and never gives up. He also helps others if he is working in partners or in small groups. Mrs.Bohmer is very proud of all his hard work!” – Mrs. Bohmer

Ms. Cerebe’s Class:

Willy H.

“Willy is a great example of a student who shows grit on a daily basis. When work gets hard, Willy doesn’t give up. He keeps trying until he gets it. He often does extra work at home to practice and become stronger in his skills. Willy’s perseverance has helped him have academic success. Keep up the great work Willy!” – Ms. Cerebe

First Grade

Mrs. Blarr’s Class:

Anthony M.

“Anthony is the kind of student who shows true grit. He is determined to always do his best and he never gives up. Anthony tries his best to be a good friend, takes pride in his work and understands what it means to be a good leader. I’m proud to have Anthony as our class Student of the Month for March. Congratulations Anthony!” – Mrs. Blarr

Mrs. Carasso’s Class:

Michael M.

“Michael is a hard worker and a great role model in our classroom! He is focused on putting forth his best effort in all that he does, even when faced with a challenge like a tricky word or math problem. He doesn’t give up! Michael works to do better and be better every day, and best of all, he encourages and helps his classmates to have that same positive attitude! Mrs. Carasso is so proud of you Michael!” – Mrs. Carasso


Mrs. Ianiero’s Class:

Noah N.

“Noah was chosen for this award because he has been making great choices in the classroom. He has been working hard in Kindergarten keeping his own space, staying in his seat during work time and completing his work on time. Noah has been doing a good job. I am very proud of him!” – Mrs. Ianiero

Mrs. Lewis’ Class:

Savannah S.

“Savannah is a hard worker that never gives up! She takes pride in her work and has shown tremendous growth in her writing and reading. Savannah is always eager to get started and is proud to show us all that she is learning. Savannah is also doing a wonderful job problem solving with her peers. I am so proud of Savannah!” – Mrs. Lewis

——————————————————————————Congratulations to our Husky All-Stars:

*** To earn Husky All-Star the criteria is:

  • Displays Character/Virtue Trait of the month
  • Attendance better than 90%  for the month
  • Highly motivated to learn
  • Displays exemplary work and effort
  • Displays exceptional judgement

Third Grade:  Nathan I. / Gabriel M.

Second Grade:  Charlotte L. / James N. /

First Grade: Mikey B. / Dylan J.

Kindergarten:  Jonny I. / Nikolas N. / Ella C.

Preschool: Sincere J. / Aden D. / Syed I. / Serenity A. / Robinson R.

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Twitter: @Hwood_Pride   

Instragram: Hwood_Pride


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