October 2022 Award Recipients

Congrats to our Husky Award recipients for the month of October 2022!!!

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ELKS Third Grade Student of the Month for October:

Courtney E.

Congratulations !!!

Congratulations to the following students for earning Student of the Month:

***To earn student of the month in their classroom students must meet the following criteria:

  • Displays Character/Virtue Trait of the month
  • Attendance better than 95% for the month
  • Displays exemplary work and effort
  • Displays exemplary judgement
  • Displays exemplary leadership

Third Grade

Mrs. Goteiner’s Class:

Courtney E.

“Courtney is off to a great start in third grade. She is kind and respectful to her classmates and starts each day with a smile. Keep up the kindness Courtney!” – Mrs. Goteiner

Mrs. Melick’s Class:

Ava C.

“Ava is off to a wonderful start in 3rd grade. She is a very dedicated student and empathetic friend. Ava is kind and helpful towards everyone in our classroom community. She is always there to lend a helpful hand. Keep up the outstanding effort, Ava! You are going to have a great school year!” – Mrs. Melick

Second Grade

Mrs. Bohmer’s Class:

Mila M.

“Mila is a great example in our class of a friend that has empathy! She is always looking to make other feel better and pick them up when they are down. She is kind and friendly to others. Mrs.Bohmer is proud of all shes done so far this school year!” – Mrs. Bohmer

Ms. Cerebe’s Class:

Oliver U.

“Oliver is a kind and responsible student. He thinks about his classmates and makes sure they are okay. Oliver is a friend to all and treats others how he wants to be treated. He is a great student who works hard in class, encourages classmates, and is always eager to learn more. Great job Oliver!” – Ms. Cerebe

First Grade

Mrs. Blarr’s Class:

Lyanna W.

“Lyanna is a thoughtful student who always looks out for her peers. She enjoys helping her friends and being kind to others. I choose Lyanna for our Student of the Month because of her thoughtfulness towards others and her ability to see when her friends need help.” – Mrs. Blarr

Mrs. Carasso’s Class:

Rocco P.

“Rocco is such a kind and caring friend. He shows empathy by thinking of others and how they feel. When a classmate is upset, Rocco is the first to ask if they are okay and how he can help. Rocco knows how important it is to treat others the way you want to be treated, and tries to teach his peers that valuable lesson! Mrs. Carasso is very proud of you, Rocco!” – Mrs. Carasso


Mrs. Ianiero’s Class:

Charlotte K.

“Charlotte is receiving this award because she is doing a great job in kindergarten. She has been following the rules and routines and she also reminds her friends to follow the rules and routines. Charlotte likes to be a helper and she loves to share her things with her friends. She is being a good role model and a good friend. I am so proud her.” – Mrs. Ianiero

Mrs. Lewis’ Class:

Nora L.

“Nora is a kind and compassionate student. She works well with all her classmates and is a team player. Nora looks out for others and is willing to go out of her way to help a friend in need. Nora is also a wonderful listener, she sets a positive example for her peers daily. I am so proud of Nora and lucky to have her in my class!” – Mrs. Lewis

Mrs. Gambino’s Class:

Carmine A.

“Carmine has been working very hard this month! He has been making good choices, helping his peers and teachers, and completing all of his school-work. He has been showing empathy towards his peers, and showing his teachers his warm heart. Great job this month, Carmine! Keep up the great work! Mrs. Gambino is SO PROUD OF YOU!” – Mrs. Gambino


Mrs. Wolsten’s AM Class:

Trent S.

“Trent is very sweet and kind. He is always willing to share with his friends. I am so proud of Trent!” – Mrs. Wolsten

Mrs. Wolsten’s PM Class:

Rain L.

“Rain is a great friend! He is a great listener and plays well with his peers!” – Mrs. Wolsten

Ms. Avallone’s Class:

Ethan Z.

“Ethan helps his friends and teachers around the classroom. He will remind his friends to make good choices. If he sees someone upset he will ask them what’s wrong and try to comfort them. Great job Ethan!” – Ms. Avallone

Art All – Star

Olivia P

“Olivia P. from Mrs. Ianieo’s class is an All-Star! She is a great listener and enjoys helping her classmates. Great job Olivia!!!” – Mrs. Smith 

All in 4Hwood Award

Mrs. Heather Tullo

Mrs. Tullo truly defines a team player! She is willing to help in any classroom and is never afraid or hesitant to attack any challenge given. She truly loves what she does and we are so lucky to have her! – Anonymous Team Member

Congratulations to our Husky All-Stars:

*** To earn Husky All-Star the criteria is:

  • Displays Character/Virtue Trait of the month
  • Attendance better than 90%  for the month
  • Highly motivated to learn
  • Displays exemplary work and effort
  • Displays exceptional judgement

Third Grade:  Aiden L. / Jacob L. / Brandon T.

Second Grade:  Michael M. / Aniyah V. / Adriana M.

First Grade: Harley S. / Mason C.

Kindergarten:  Carter M. / Mia O.

Preschool: Valerie M. / Noel H.

Please make sure you stay connected and follow our school journey:

Twitter: @Hwood_Pride   

Instragram: Hwood_Pride


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